What others are saying about Decoding Your Past

“There are few people who are as raw, introspective, and open as Rob is in his book, Decoding Your Past.  His insight and compelling story inspires hope in even the most desperate, hopeless events of life that many are taken captive by no choice of their own.  His honest struggle to restore vision, make progress and transform your life is outlined in his book.  A great resource to begin a path toward reform.”

-Cherol Pedersen – MFT graduate, college instructor, therapist with court-ordered and volunteer clients.


“It reaches out, grabs you by the throat, and broadsides you from page one. It doesn’t stop there with the author’s hard hitting past. If you want to make any changes in your life, pick this up. You won’t be able to put it down. Believe me, after you read what he went through, and how he not only survived, but thrived, you will be able to too.”

Chuck J. Rylant – MBA, CFP, author of How to be Rich: The Couple’s Guide to a Rich Life Without Worrying About Money


“The book tells a convincing story about a man’s upbringing and how to live life to its fullest, no matter the consequences.  I’m amazed at his determination without prejudice.”

Kim Streker – teacher, MS in education


“The second I started reading Decoding Your Past I was drawn in by the way Rob described his very difficult childhood. It was a very heart-wrenching story and I felt like I was living it with him. The strength and courage he showed to change the outcome of his life gives me hope that after reading this book anyone will be able to learn how to make positive changes to their life.”

Cathy Millar


Decoding Your Past grabbed me and emotionally kept me involved as I placed myself in Rob’s challenges. I have to be honest when I say I felt sadness and anger when I learned the emotional and physical pain that he endured especially at such a young age. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief but wanted to read more to see what was going to happen next.  It’s obvious some of us take life’s everyday monotony for granted because we have not experienced this type of world. What doesn’t kill you will definitely make you and those around you stronger. There can be success after pain but only we can make that happen. Rob proves that in this book.”

Jeff Lopez – police officer and father


“I was a victim of domestic violence in my early twenties and came face to face with death several times. I endured two years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I finally took a risk and fought my way out of the situation, despite threats against my life and the lives of my family members. I wish I had read Decoding Your Past while I was in the abusive relationship to help me realize I could have taken control of my own life sooner. The knowledge I gained from the material in this book would have been so valuable to me. I am now a shelter coordinator for a domestic violence agency working with law enforcement and local agencies to spread awareness and break the cycle of violence.  I recommend this book for anyone who wants to change or take control of their lives.”

Divina Flores – Santa Barbara North County Shelter Coordinator for Domestic Violence Solutions


“I have had the honor in getting to know Rob during these last two years. Rob’s presence in my family’s life during these past years resembles one of a strong, confident individual with a determined demeanor in his pursuits in life. Rob’s successes in his chosen career path show these same facets that I have come to witness day in and day out. To find out this man has grown from the background he has faced is inspiration enough for others to reality check themselves. Rob’s ability to pinpoint techniques that helped him rise from his personal rock bottom leave a resounding echo in my own thoughts, a voice that can help me personally strive to make myself a better person. Rob’s ability to deal with the cards that he was dealt, and make a winning hand out of them, should give hope to all walks of life that they can make a change for the better, a change that allows your heart to grow so you may help not only yourself but others, just as Rob is prepared to do.”

Jason Carlson